Tips For Starting a Business With Little Or No Money

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Freedom, passion, and courage, are the words that come to mind when we think about starting a new business or being an entrepreneur. To create a business not every time you need a boosting motivation that can propel you to take a step. Sometimes, it may be a dream for someone since childhood to start his own venture, maybe you are passionate about something or you don’t want to work under someone to achieve the tag that “I am the boss of myself”.

You don’t require much to start a business. Just need an idea and intransient courage to change your mindset to start a business and if you are worried about the money then my friend you are making an excuse for yourself because, with a single Rs.500 note in today’s era, you can earn something by spending it at right place. Take an example of a boy who is well known as MBA Chaiwala, who started his business with a mere amount of Rs.8000 by setting up a tea stall, and side-by-side he used to work in a McDonald’s outlet to fund his small stall. And now from his small side hustle, he had built a worth-million venture by opening many big outlets of his own business in many cities and states and earning crores with just a small investment but the big gutsy move and overcoming the challenges that came in front of him.

Just like him, there are many peoples who want to start their own business but because of a lack of guidance and knowledge, they won’t make it up till now. But now as you are here I will add up some value to your wisdom which can definitely benefit you at the beginning of your journey of a new business with little or no money.

Here are some tips for starting a business with little or no money.

Tip-1: Get a Damn Job/Source of Money

It might be unrevealing to tell you but you better know that you need some money coming in to do anything. You wanna improve your skills? You wanna get an education? You wanna buy a book? You need money. Even to survive, just to eat. You can’t just wait around and watch videos on youtube surf google and complain that what should I do to earn money, It won’t work this way. You have to take certain actions. No matter what you are doing, it is okay if you have a shop or “thela” or working in a small shop, selling newspapers, selling schemes, and other kinds of stuff. Averting yourself because of the fear of society will be radically virulent to your own conscience too which keeps you telling to take a stand and one day it will become tepid as you have continuously precluded it.

Tip-2 Develop High-Income Skills and So Side-Hustle

High-income skill is a skill set that can make more money for you. It is not a business, it is a skill set that you can develop, that you can sell, and you can offer to the marketplace in exchange for money. You are trading hours for dollars, however, you are trading hours for high dollars.

So, in your spare time, apart from working in your day job, whatever it is that you do. During the night or the remaining time which you get out that you should develop a high-income skill. Then as your high-income skills produce making you more money, it could be $2000, $3000, or $4000 a month, then you can quit your job and now just pursue this full time.

Tip-3 Work on Your Dream Project

at a certain point, when you are earning well, eating well, spending for your family, and living a decent lifestyle you can think of starting a new business or working on a new idea. Fund or succor your business with enough money you have and grow it. There might be ups and downs you can see in your business but once you have created a demand or a marketplace for the public, you will be good to go to achieve the desired results and after that, you can fulfill your dreams.

Tip-4 There is no Shortcut to Success

You see all these people talking about entrepreneurship, about business. You want to get to that desired point overnight without going through the above steps. It doesn’t work and this paralyzes you because from where you are to where you wanna go, you are making no money. So how could you think of buying a Rolls Royce or any dream car for yourself? You need to go step by step which is getting a job for yourself, side hustle, high-income skills and grow yourself, getting a new business or source of high income, and then investing and making your money work for you. 

Don’t ask questions of the desired level at the initial level, ask question about how to go from the initial to the next one.

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